Surveys and field measures for nature conservation


We install mobile and permanent barriers/fences at sites where new roads, motorways and highways are being built or planned to be built and provide capturing specially protected wild animals and their saving by translocations outside a construction site. Mobile or permanent barriers/fences installed at the sites where amphibians are often killed in high numbers by traffic can protect the animals on existing roads. Every year, many kilometres of mobile barriers/seasonal fences are installed at sites in the whole Czech Republic. We developed an original permanent barrier/fence which has been registered as a utility model by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic. The barrier can be easily installed without using heavy machinery, is available for good price and provides hundred-per-cent effectiveness also for amphibians from the order Caudata (salamanders, newts). It can be removed for some time, it is possible to install it even in very difficult terrain and it displays surprisingly long service life.

Mobile seasonal barriers/fences


We install and maintain capturing barriers/seasonal fences keeping amphibians and reptiles away from entering roads or construction sites or to other sites dangerous for all small animals. At a construction site we capture specially protected wild animals and save them by translocations outside the construction sites. NaturaServis Ltd. holds necessary statutory exceptions issued by the State Nature Conservancy authorities of the Czech Republic.


Permanent barriers/fences



We install permanent barriers keeping amphibians and reptiles from entering roads or other sites dangerous for them. The permanent barriers/fences can also navigate animals through various underpasses – see a photo on the right side.